The Learning Center

Advocate(s): individuals who praise the business for the correct decisions they made, abudently. In good faith, a business should reward an advocate.

Certificate(s): written legal notice of the ability to conduct business in a certain manner inside and outside of Eonteous.

Sponsorship(s): an individual who receives resources from a donor in good faith. In return, said individual will continue on the path of chosen success.

Joule(s): energy unit used to power movement or motion within Eonteous.

Honor(s): an individual can bestow a verbal, digital or physical point or title. Honor points can be used to purchase exclusive products. Honor titles are catch-phrases created by users to explain an emotion or phyical feeling that the company gives off.

Award(s): bestowed by Eonteous, users or outside forces to showcase hardwork, integrity, and dedication to the community.

Adeno: energy unit of the Echo-Plane.

Sapro: energy unit of the Echo-Plane

Mycorr: energy unit of the Echo-Plane

Zero-Point-Energy: energy source that powers the Domain.

Eonteon System: using the most up-to-date technology designed to assist an individual in navigating the society in which he or she resides.

Employee substitute : a highly trained individual who can take the place of a current or abstant employee to deliver or produce a desired threshold of productivity.

Point-of-Eclipse: a point in a person's life that changes their physcial, mental or psychological state forever.

Anit-Dark Design: a design that promotes the user(s) to engage in positive consumer behaviors.

Emotional Bandwith: the amount of varying types of emotions an individual can interpret and express.

Emotional Volumne: the amount of energy a person can exert on themsevles to express a single or multiple emotions.

Sentiment: how an individual expresses emotional-self on a plane falling into Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4.

Fabric:a collection of striations and fibers to form a complete timeline.

Striation: a very short piece of time on a person's timeline.

Joint Resource Allocation: when a collective group of establishments decides to share resources gained from eonteous.

Eonteous: the location where thought, emotion, and self-time exist untouched by the external world.

Cost-Sharing: when a group of establishments agrees to equally seperate costs to purchase a one or more than one item for a specific time period.

Echo-Plane: the location where the essence of a person exists.

Echo-Sphere: the physcial manifestation of the essence of person.

Echo-Field: the physical manifestation of the energy used to express itself not seen by the visible light spectrum.

Echo-Offens: offensive energy used to ensure the Echo-Field expands.

Echo-Defens: denfensive energy used to ensure that the Echo-Field is not penetrated.

Echo-Neutral: postive and negative energy used to keep the Echo-Sphere in a state of equilibrium.

Echo-Safety: when the Echo-Sphere shrinks to reduce the width and height.

Tesseract: when a person completes his or her primary directive, time in Eonteous can transition to a higher state and be utilized in Eonteous.

Time crystal: a resource that can be used to go backwards and forward through ones own timeline in Eonteous.

Point-of-No-Return: a singular point within a person's timeline that will never be able to be altered.

Fiber: a collection of striations forming a larger piece of an individuals timeline.

Sphere: a location where materials and resources can be found.

Focal Network: a place where establishments are given a profile used to quickly express themselves and share information and resources with the community around them.

Arbiter: an overseer of Eonteous.

Pathing: a designed mission, objective, and task list to ensure the highest success rate given the current resources available to the user.

Time-dilation: as a person comes closer to main directive time changes to increase or decrease.

The Domain: the location where the expanse, the echo-plane, and the covenant exist.

Expanse: where all a person's emotions, forms, and natures exist.

Maven: a person who guides.

Covenant: a place where a person is guided and instructed on societal habits, rituals, and norms so that it can engage in relationship forming.